Staying informed–the struggle is real

One might think that in the social media era staying informed is easy.  However, with so many information portals…websites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs (like this one)…parents and students can experience information overwhelm.  Knowing where to go for information is hard, especially with so many choices.  To deliver news and updates, especially time sensitive information to students, each academy class has access to a Remind 101 group which pushes information associated with enrichment opportunities and, when the time comes, senior projects to their emails/phones.  Unfortunately groups are restricted to 150 members, so parents and students can’t be in the same group.

If parents would like access to this tool, there is a parent group for each MSA graduating class. Follow the instructions on the document for the group assigned to your child’s graduating class to join.  On Monday, a student opportunity will be published to each group!





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