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Dear parents, students, and cooperating mentors,

I am excited to work with all of you during the four-year journey of the academy.  As a former AP Language and Composition teacher, I know how difficult sustained, lengthy research can be for students.  During my time spent as a gifted resource teacher, I observed first hand the power of authentic, personally relevant work.  I am excited to bring both professional experiences to my role as the Academy Advisor.  

As the Mathematics and Science Academy Advisor, I will work with students beginning in grade nine to identify and explore areas of personal interest within the fields of mathematics and science.  To better help students engage in personally relevant research topics with depth and inquiry, we will continue our work together during sophomore year through research skills modules delivered through the Academy English 10 class.  During junior and senior year, I serve as a senior project advisor to all MSA students.

To access the most recent senior guidebook and the Livebinder for the class of 2021, click here. The password for this binder is MSA2021. Note–this binder grows and changes just like a real binder.  Use it to keep up with the senior project meeting minutes and resources for each small group meeting; it also contains links for seniors to use to make appointments for one-on-one meetings with me.  Senior project is a big, long-term project.  I hope this tool helps seniors keep up with deadlines and resources and helps parents feel like they are “in the loop”–as the mom of a high school student, I know how hard it is to feel out of the loop, so parents, feel free to check out the senior project Live Binder!

In January, I offer a parent information night to educate parents about the senior project process–to compliment this event, the seniors will be hosting their senior project gallery night on the same evening.  It should be a terrific opportunity to network and glean advice from students who are finishing up their experiences.  This year senior project proposals are due from juniors on April 16th.  Notification about our IRB (institutional review board) feedback on those projects will be delivered to juniors in early May.

Additionally, the academy faculty works hard to offer opportunities to enrich our curriculum, so students can see math and science through the context of professional disciplines.  One opportunity for which we are always in need of speakers is the Evening Lecture Series, a formal presentation of a professional’s work.  If you are interested in speaking during our Evening Lecture Series, please contact Babette K. Shoemaker at <> .

I am looking forward to helping the Academy faculty realize our vision for our graduates.

Allison Graves






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    1. Alegebra 1 end of course practice tests…like those for the SOL and brushing up on experimental design would be great resources to prepare.

  1. My son was put on the wait list for 2019-2020 school year. Do you know when we might hear if he is accepted?

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