MSA Students and Alumni in the News

What could you become after your Mathematics and Science Academy experience?


OLHS MSA students become leaders at prestigious universities:

OLHS MSA students become researchers:

These research skills begin for many while in the Academy.

OSU zoology graduate student Marissa Rice has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. The fellowship will provide $126,000 over the next three year to help her complete her research which focuses on the influence of the neuro-hormone oxytocin on social and spatial memory and its effects on reproduction.  Marissa is now a fellow at Cornell University earning her Ph.D. Click on the image for the link to her lab.


OLHS MSA students become professionals in medical fields

For many, their senior projects inspire their post-secondary pursuit of medical fields.

Click on the link to see the products Isabella Zecchini created for her capstone project.

OLHS MSA students become environmental stewards:

Mike Adams, MSA Class of 2014, was selected from a large pool of applicants to be one of 12 high school students from the United States to participate in the Oceans for Life program.  This program was founded by NOAA and is hosted by the Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary.  As a part of the program Mike created a media project on his studies with the assistance of National Geographic.


Academy graduates are problem solvers for the communities in which they live.

Click on this image to read and article detailing Gennie Duncan’s continued involvement in the 7 Generations project at William and Mary.





 James Hemphill is an environmental steward–president of Project Green Teens.


OLHS MSA students share their talents with the world:


Josh Mann, Class of 2011, used his scientific know-how and his artistic talent to honor the International Year of Chemistry through a University of Waterloo publication, Chem13 News Magazine’s collaborative project redesigning the periodic table.  His interpretation of the element Vanadium was selected from an international submission pool to be a part of their published work.

Click on the image to learn more about Josh Mann’s work.


Academy graduates, serve our country as STEM professionals in our military.

Jeremy Jorge finished his chemical engineering degree and will now serve as an officer on a nuclear submarine.

Academy graduates are pioneers in their fields and in the SOLAR SYSTEM.

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