Project Grants Provide Seniors a BOOST!

Each year seniors plan projects to demonstrate what they have learned during their senior project journey.  Our MSA Boosters support student projects with a yearly grant program.  Seniors can apply for up to $50 to support their senior project goals.  This year we had a record number of applicants and the boosters were able to support eleven seniors’ projects.  From a 3D printer build in support of our school’s maker space to service projects supporting medical mission organizations, our seniors plan to use the grants provided to give back to their community.  We are so proud of the class of 2020 and are so thankful to our generous boosters.

The boosters have big plans to support our students in many ways this year.  In the works will be several scholarships for continuing education and two $250 scholarships to support student enrichment.  Be on the lookout for these applications during second semester.  However, eligibility is contingent on at least one parent being a member of the MSA Boosters organization.  Visit their page to join. Please considering joining this group that does so much for our students.  In addition to your support through membership, the boosters have secured several fundraising channels that require little time and no additional spending on your part.  From grocery store (Kroger and Harris Teeter) rewards programs to Amazon Smile funds, you can support the MSA boosters through your weekly shopping.

Just look at those smiling faces below…your support could lead to supporting students just like these!

Attention 10th and 11th graders!!

Summer residential governor’s school is an AWESOME program that is paid in large part by the city and state.  If you are a junior, there are several programs that could count as “shadowing” experiences for the senior project.   Check out the program offerings linked here.

If you intend to apply for any of these programs, you will need to submit an “Intent to Apply/Audition” form.

Visual and Performing Arts form, due Oct. 24, 2019

Academic Programs form, due Nov. 5, 2019


Navigating the Journey Follow-Up

We had a great time at last week’s “Navigating the Journey” event where we shared what we love about our program with parents and students who are considering their many terrific secondary options.  Several attendees requested that we post the slide featuring our academy courses.  For more information about these courses, visit the “About the Academy” page here.

A special thank you to our students who shared what they love about being MSA students…they really are what makes our school so wonderful!



Staying informed–the struggle is real

One might think that in the social media era staying informed is easy.  However, with so many information portals…websites, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs (like this one)…parents and students can experience information overwhelm.  Knowing where to go for information is hard, especially with so many choices.  To deliver news and updates, especially time sensitive information to students, each academy class has access to a Remind 101 group which pushes information associated with enrichment opportunities and, when the time comes, senior projects to their emails/phones.  Unfortunately groups are restricted to 150 members, so parents and students can’t be in the same group.

If parents would like access to this tool, there is a parent group for each MSA graduating class. Follow the instructions on the document for the group assigned to your child’s graduating class to join.  On Monday, a student opportunity will be published to each group!





Opportunities abound!

Welcome back, Dolphins!  We hope you are all settling in to your classes well, are excited about all you will learn and experience this year, and are feeling inspired to develop in ways beyond the walls of your classrooms.  Here are some opportunities that may be of interest to many of you.  It doesn’t hurt to look, to learn more about them, and to see what they have to offer.  Earlier this summer, we shared the multigenerational 50th anniversary Moon Landing Contest.  One of our families won first place!! Check out the Corson’s winning entry here. Who knows where you’ll go if you just give an opportunity a try?!

Click on the image to view all of the Virginia Space Grant Consortium opportunities.

Don’t procrastinate those summer assignments! Resources to get you started…

Summer offers us all a much needed opportunity to reset, to dial back the stress level, to spend time with friends and families, and to learn and grow outside of the classroom.  Some of our students will work, some will travel, and some will be shadowing professionals during the summer.  This post aims to encourage you all to remember those summer assignments and avoid the stress that comes with procrastination.

This year OLHS Advanced Placement Teachers set up a Schoology Group for summer assignments.

There you will find summer assignments in the “Resources” section accessible through the left sidebar.  The Magnet Pre-calculus assignment is there, too.  You can also access the pre-calculus assignment here.