NASA affiliated programs–deadline is soon

Virginia Space Coast Scholars (VSCS)
 – Online course for 10th grade students focusing on missions flown or managed by NASA Wallops Flight Facility on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, with a week-long summer academy program at NASA Wallops Flight Facility.

Virginia Aerospace Science and Technology Scholars (VASTS)
 – Online course for 11th and 12th grade students focusing on NASA’s human spaceflight missions and the Journey to the Moon and on to Mars with a week-long summer academy at NASA Langley Research Center. Students can earn up to four free dual enrollment college credits.

Virginia Earth System Science Scholars (VESSS)
 – This interactive online earth system science course for 11th and 12th grade students features NASA scientific research and data. Students can earn up to five dual enrollment college credits and can also be selected to attend a summer academy program at NASA Langley Research Center.

Online course applications are OPEN UNTIL OCTOBER 25th for 10th – 12th grade students to apply.

VBCPS Pathways Panel Series 1: Now available for viewing!

VBCPS Pathways Panel Series 1: Frequently Asked Questions for VA Colleges & Universities
We’re excited to offer our secondary families the opportunity to hear directly from a panel of admission counselors representing some of our state’s most popular universities!

Click here to view the questions posed in the video linked below.  Click here to access the contact information for the featured speakers.

Want to hear from admissions officers about college admissions for 2020/2021?

Starting next Thursday, Oct. 1, our high schools will be hosting a series where college representatives will share information and answer questions regarding the admission process, opportunities unique to their schools, strengthening college applications and more. These ZOOM meetings will be recorded live and available via your child’s Schoology account at 6 p.m. on the dates listed below, and will be posted on the division’s YouTube channel shortly thereafter. Families are welcome to submit questions via this link. Follow-up questions not addressed in the recorded panel discussion will be answered privately by an admissions representative or your local school counselor.

  • Oct. 1 – College Admissions
  • Oct. 22 – Scholarships and Financial Aid
  • Nov. 19 – Out-of-state Schools
  • Dec. 10 – Military Academies
  • Jan. 7, 2021 – Recruiters from Branches of Military
  • Jan. 28 – Two-year and Trade School/Programs


Connecting Freshmen–building a community

If you are a freshman, or the parent of a freshman, check out the interest form linked to the image below.  This is a great opportunity for freshmen to connect with current dOLpHinS!


Click on the image to access the interest form.


Class of 2024, Welcome Parent Meeting

For those parents who could not join us on during our meeting on Wednesday, September 2nd, or for those who want to hear something again, here is the video of that recorded session.

Words of Experience to Start Your First Day and Year

The beginning of any new school year is tough, but this year will present unique challenges.  Here is advice from current, and former, students about tackling each grade level in the MSA.  Special thanks to Chelsea A. for her hard work!

For all things first day back, click the image below.

!SMARTS Camp Update!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be hosting SMARTS camp on June 16 and 17.  We are planning to reschedule SMARTS Camp in August, exact dates are to be determined.  Thank you for understanding.

Class of 2020 Senior Recognition–A Virtual Ceremony

We wish we could all be together celebrating the Class of 2020’s completion of the Mathematics and Science Academy.  Since that just isn’t our reality this year, we thought a virtual presentation–complete with a fabulous keynote speaker–could be the next best way to acknowledge your hard work.  We wish Marissa luck as she defends her doctoral thesis titled “The Neuroecology of Space Use: Investigating the Ecological Impacts of Neural Mechanism of Spatial and Social Context” at the end of July.

Marissa has created a blog and weekly newsletter dedicated to helping students find Mental Clarity. She is teaching & guiding students to be confident and capable so that they can do their best work. Marissa firmly believes that, “Anything you write, think, or create will be infinitely better when you’re able to be your whole self.” Her approach focuses on productivity, motivation, and self-care. She mainly speaks from experience and shares the tools, tips, and strategies that’ve helped her keep it together.


Marissa’s ultimate goal is to help her audience achieve four main goals:

1) Develop consistent self-care practices

2) Sustain motivation for big projects & deep work

3) Discover your agency and be empowered to advocate for yourself

4) Renew & Restore confidence in your personal and professional life



Information for MSA Class of 2020 Graduation


Dear Graduate and Family,

This spring has been unprecedented for all, and sheltering at home has meant missing milestones and public recognition of your achievements. The sadness and disappointment you feel about the loss of prom, celebrations, athletic seasons, and graduation are understandable. While we are all disappointed our graduation celebration at the Convention Center will not take place, I am pleased to announce that Ocean Lakes High School will host an individual cap and gown ceremony for graduating students. While some of the logistical planning is being finalized, I would like to share information regarding processes.

Our plan has many moving parts and follows the current health and safety guidelines set forth by Governor Northam and the CDC. The ceremony will provide students the opportunity to walk across a graduation stage to receive their diploma in the company of family and guests. A professional photographer will be onsite to capture the moment.

Listed below are details you will need to know to participate in the graduation ceremony. Please read over these details carefully.

Several critical health and safety expectations need to be shared:

  • Each graduate is permitted to bring ten (10) or fewer guests to the ceremony.
  • Under the recent Executive Order from Governor Ralph Northam, all guests and visitors to VBCPS buildings are required to wear face coverings. More specifically, when entering and exiting school buildings or in situations where social distancing cannot be maintained, face coverings must be worn. A face covering includes anything that covers your nose and mouth, such as a mask, scarf, or bandana.
  • If the graduate or a guest has a fever or cough or has recently had a fever or cough, they should not attend the ceremony.
  • Graduates and their guests are not permitted to bring or carry any personal items into the school building (except cellphones, personal cameras, and car keys). Expressly, gifts (boxes), large camera bags, purses, backpacks, noisemakers, balloons, and signs are not permitted.
  • Appropriate attire for graduates and guests is expected.
  • School officials, security assistants, and School Resource Officers will be onsite to help ensure a safe experience for participants.
  • When the individual ceremony concludes, graduates and their guests are to exit the school building and campus as quickly as possible. Congregating in larger groups is not permitted.

I appreciate your adherence to the stated expectations and safety precautions. Please know these are in place for your safety and the safety of others.

While this year’s graduation ceremony does not resemble graduation ceremonies of the past, it does provide an opportunity to create a memory that is unique to the Class of 2020! The Class of 2020 has been remarkable in all endeavors. It is with a tremendous amount of pleasure that I wish each member of the class congratulations. Seniors, I know that the same resolve and imagination that got you to this moment are the very things that are going to sustain you through whatever lies ahead. I have every confidence that you will make a better world in the future.

Best wishes,

Dr. Le Blanc

Ocean Lakes High School
Class of 2020 MSA Graduation
June 19, 2020

The Twenty-Sixth Graduating Class of Ocean Lakes High School will hold individual graduations on Friday June 19, 2020. Though we are disappointed we will not be able to conduct our traditional graduation, we hope to make this individual graduation a memorable event for the graduate and their family. After reading the information below, If you have any questions regarding the Cap and Gown Ceremony, please contact John Williams, Student Activities Coordinator at

ADMISSION: Each student is permitted to bring up to 10 guests to his/her ceremony. Students and their guests should arrive no later than 25 minutes before their scheduled time. If a graduate is not on time, the next class member will move forward to their time slot. We will attempt to slot the late graduate into the first available opening.

PARKING: Students and their guests should enter the campus through the East Entrance (student parking lot). Parking attendants will direct cars into the front bus loop and then numbered bus bays. If there is a need for handicapped parking, please inform a parking attendant. Once in the bus bays, students and guests will remain in their cars until the parking director calls them. Students and their guests will then proceed to the main entrance of the building.

GRADUATION DIRECTIONS: Graduates should arrive with their cap and gown and dressed appropriately for graduation. (Students who have not received their cap and gown may contact Mr. Eric Harvell at When directed, the graduate and their guests will enter the building and check-in at the front desk. Graduate and guests should maintain appropriate social distancing at all times when in the building and must wear a face covering.

Graduates should bring the items belonging to the school with them into the building. For example:

• Charged Chrome Book and charger
• Calculator and charger
• Team Uniforms
• Textbooks, library books and any fundraising materials belonging to the school
• Any other items that may have been secured from a teacher or staff member

The graduate will check-in and receive an index card with their name printed on it. This card will be used for entrance into the gymnasium, so hold onto it. After check-in, the graduate will be directed to turn in their Chromebook, charger, and any other items belonging to the school. The graduate will be able to pick up their purchased yearbook and previously ordered athletic picture packets. Additionally, senior members of VHSL Activities (Forensics, Debate, Yearbook, Newspaper, One-Act Play, and Scholastic Bowl) can pick up their award packet.

When directed, the graduate and their guests will move to the gymnasium foyer and wait until invited into the gymnasium. At that time, guests will move to a designated spectator area near the center court. The graduate will enter the gymnasium, give their card to the name reader, and wait until their name is announced. At that moment, the graduate will proceed to the stage (set up in front of the home bleachers). The graduate will pick up a diploma cover as they move onto the stage.* Once on the stage, the graduate will move to a designated spot, display their diploma cover to guests, and pose for a picture taken by a Lifetouch photographer. Guests can take photos of their graduate while they are on the stage. Dr. Le Blanc will certify the graduate. The graduate will then move their tassel from the right to the left side of their cap and exit the stage. Once off the stage, the graduate will proceed to the diploma table located at the far end of the gymnasium to receive their diploma from a school counselor. Afterward, the graduate and their guests will be directed to exit the gymnasium and, subsequently, the building (through the east doors). The graduate and their guests will return to their cars. Graduates and their guests are asked to leave campus without delay.

*Graduates of the Math Science Academy will pick up their medallion before picking up their diploma cover and put the medallion over their head before moving to the stage.

Congratulations to our Ocean Lakes Graduates! Best wishes to all of you!